D-I-Y Fundraising Ideas

Do-it-Yourself (D-I-Y) Fundraising Ideas

There are endless ways that you can raise funds to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County (the Club). Whether it’s an athletic challenge, a lemonade stand or your own unique creation, every dollar can make a difference in the lives of Club kids!

1. D-I-Y Run for Club Kids-. Support the Club by signing up for a local race and D-I-Y fundraising. Create your own fundraising team and set an attainable fundraising goal. 

2. Fundraise on Social Media - Create a fundraising page, customize a compelling message and share, share, share! The more people you reach the more likely you are to achieve your fundraising goal.

3. Jeans Day (or pajama day/week)- Coordinate with your business or school, charge coworkers or classmates a designated dollar amount to dress down (in jeans or pajamas) for the designated time frame.

4. Gift Wrapping Station- Ask a store or mall in your area about setting up a gift-wrapping booth for their customers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and/or Christmas. Either accept donations or charge a fee per gift wrapped.

5. Tailgate Party- Select a local sporting event and provide pregame refreshments. Charge per food item or a flat fee to those who participate

6. Sell a Product- (candy, lemonade, anything)- Sell something and donate all or portion of the proceeds to the Club, a local store or restaurant may be able to help you. Many businesses already have programs designed to provide non-profit organizations with a percentage of daily or weekly sales.

7. Sports Tournament- Host a soccer, lacrosse, basketball, or football tournament. Be aware sporting events have a lot of moving pieces and are often very hard to coordinate and promote. Generally, a specific number of players are needed to field a tournament as well as multiple playing areas. Just remember sports tournament are a ton of fun but require a lot of work and volunteer participation.

8. Organize a Drive- Collect new or gently used books, encourage members of your community to donate to your drive. All books collected will be distributed to our youth. Did you know we have volunteers that refurbish bikes? Host a bike drive, collect bicycles to be reconditioned and sold-- all proceeds benefit our youth!

9. Donate A Birthday or Event- Ask for donations in lieu of gifts. Utilize our “Donate a Birthday or Event” site, create your own fundraising page and request that donations be made to BGCHC in honor of you! Add more meaning to your special day by making a difference in the lives of youth!

10. Car Wash- Host a car wash in a high traffic area in your neighborhood, recruit friends and community members to volunteer their services and assist you. Just remember a car wash can require a great deal


Do something that interests you and chances are your D-I-Y fundraiser will be a huge success. Maybe you've got a secret talent for baking, are an amazing giftwrapper or are a super free throw shooter. Whatever you enjoy doing, the goal is to have fun while you raise funds!



Please don’t hesitate to contact Gary Greenberg, Executive Director/CEO 

email: ggreenberg@bgchc.org

phone: (201) 333-4100 x302


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