• 2 kids with volunteer in cafeteria

    Licensed Childcare Program

  • kid with krispy log

    Licensed Childcare Program

  • Licensed Childcare Program

  • kid with salad

    Licensed Childcare Program

  • kid painting shoe w/volunteer

    Licensed Childcare Program

  • Halloween parade with Glover

    Licensed Childcare Program

The goal of the Rising STARs (Science, Technology, Arts, and Reading) Licensed Child Care Program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County is to help participants develop self-expression and independence, instill pride in personal achievement, and promote critical thinking skills through unique program activities. 


Our intentional curriculum fosters the development of motor skills and healthy growth through physical activities and good nutrition. Our dedicated staff works to enhance academic success through homework help and educational tutoring. We provide a culturally diverse, enriching program that fosters self and community identity, which cultivates a sense of belonging and responsibility. 

For families in need, the Urban League of Hudson County administers NJ Cares for Kids (NJCK). (Applications can be downloaded for its website.) It provides subsidized childcare vouchers for working families and full time students who live in Hudson County and meet the guidelines mandated by the state of New Jersey. This childcare subsidy through the NJCK Program will assist in paying for childcare for infants, toddlers, preschool-age children, school-age children up to age thirteen (13), and for children with special needs up to age nineteen (19).

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