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Housing state-of-the-art technology, the Teen Tech Center is a space where teens can play, discover and learn about a variety of topics including graphic design, digital photography, audio and video production, game and app development, film-making and much more. 


Technology and multimedia tools are available for music and video production, interactive programming, digital photography, graphic design, and much more. It even boasts a recording studio and space for guitar, drums and keyboard instruction!


App Lab is designed to offer a digital app development curriculum specifically targeting middle-school aged youth. The program consists of 15 sessions that cover the basics of using MIT’s App Inventor website, designing and developing an original Android app, and crafting a presentation to share with others.


My.Future, a technology initiative supported by Comcast NBCUniversal, is designed to teach Club members the skills needed to thrive in today's digital world. It enables Club members to select from more than 40 hands-on activities to help them understand how to safely and productively engage online, and identify and develop digital interests.


My.Future helps kids and teens:


Understand their media world

Identify and develop digital interests

Earn certifications as they make progress

My.Future begins with "Essentials," staff-facilitated projects that provide members of all ability levels with foundational technology skills. When members have accumulated a defined number of project-based outcomes, they qualify for signed, certified digital badges. These digital badges can be showcased online, shared with peers or added to a member's resume to indicate their technical competency.


Club members can extend their knowledge on how to build and create in web-based or digital environments. Coding programs including Google's CS First, CS Unplugged, Hour of Code, and MIT's Scratch Jr. help members go deep into the code that runs the web and computer programs.


Our RoboTech curriculum uses the LEGO Mindstorms® robotics kit. Members build and program several different robots that interact with the environment in numerous ways. In building and programming these robots, Club members learn engineering and computer programming skills in fun and engaging projects.

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